Monday, March 18, 2013

Sewing Smorgasbord

I went to a Sewing Smorgasbord on Saturday with an $8 admission, you get to take 6 classes and there were lots to choose from.

I took 5 classes because you have to do lunch, vendors hall, and fabric fair during class time if you want to visit them. The classes I took were:

Fusibles- This class was boring it was nothing but showing samples of the products.

Bound for Success, Binding Techniques- This class was about making "not so scary" mitered corners. How to calculate how much fabric and binding you need.

Junk Mail Journal- In this hands on class we made a paper bag journal to embellish later at home. I missed the instructions but I was able to look at several nice samples of junk journals.

Shadowfolds, Manipulating Your Fabric- This was a hands on class and was interesting

What's In The Bag? - This class taught how to make a bag with a fabric back and vinyl front to store projects. I liked this class and I am going to try to make some for myself. I bought upholstery fabric to use since I felt it would make a stronger bag and since the vinyl is heavy.
I took my own coffee, water, and pop but bought a sandwich, salad, and dessert for $3.75 in the cafeteria were a 4H club sells lunch.

The fabric fair is were people are selling fabric they don’t want anymore. I set myself a spending limit and made sure to be choosey so I could get the lowest priced fabrics for the most yardages. I ended up buying 4 grocery bags worth of fabric and 2 patterns for about $30. I limited my fabric selection to only reds, blues, pinks, and yellows. I have plans to make 4 quilts with each color family and I even laid them out on the floors and made sure each color of fabrics looked good together.

It was a fun day and I learned new skills that I hope to use with future projects.

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