Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Sewing Space

I’ve been working on setting up my sewing space in our guest room. I set up the guest room in October 2011; you can read about it here Guest Room/Nastasja's Bedroom Redo. My daughter Nastasja moved back in June 2012 so my décor got packed away but then she moved out again in November 2012.  This time she took all her stuff in the closet, desk, chest, and night stand, before it was full and not useable space for my sewing stuff. I did have my sewing machine on the desk with my sewing box, and a project bag on the floor but after she came back it got moved to the basement.

I set the guest room back up and redecorated it in January before guests came to visit but had yet to use any of the space in the closet, desk, chest, and night stand or set my sewing machine back up. I had wanted to do it but had yet to put in the time for the project but after going to the Sewing Smorgasbord this past Saturday I was ready to tackle the room.

I brought everything up from the basement, filled the closet with my stuff, organizing my fabric in the totes, labeled the totes, set my sewing machine on the desk, then put books and projects in 2 of the desk drawers.

I have no before pictures of inside the closet or the desk because they were completely empty before I set up my sewing  stuff so I am just showing you the after.
My Desk and Sewing Machine.

Drawer with several small in progess projects.



Sewing Books and Patterns
Top half of closet with fabric totes.
Bottom half of closet with top shelf of the closet with fabric totes.
Sewing box on second shelf, green project bag, and blue project bag.
Bags with fiber fill,  fusible web, ziplock bags, and upholstery remnants on the floor space under shelves.
Inside of tote with my blue, red and black fabrics.
Inside of tote with my pink, purple, yellow, green, white, and brown fabrics.
The only thing left to do is put knobs on the desk, get a touch light for the closet, and paint the shelves in the closet. I have the knobs for the desk I just need to drill the holes since I bought new knobs and they wouldn’t fit in the holes I had to fill them in. The touch light should be an easy find at the Dollar Tree. I plan to paint the closet shelves after I finish painting my granddaughters furniture that I am working on since I will have leftover pink paint. The pink paint won’t really match the room but will match the closet since I don’t plan to take down the rose wallpaper.
Now, I can get to work on sewing some stuff.

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