Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My Frugal 5 – Travel with the Grandchildren Edition

I wanted to share my frugal travel plans. We're taking our grandkids Arileise 6 yrs. and Richard 4 yrs. this coming weekend to the Jellystone's Yogi Bear Camping Resort. It's almost a 3 hour drive, since we're picking our grandkids up before heading to the campground. We'll be enjoying all the activities the campground has including the pool, mini golf, disc golf, jump pillow and pad, gem mining, fishing, and playground, etc. It's all including except the gem mining has a fee, so we may or may not be doing that.

The campgrounds theme for the weekend is "All Things Messy" so we'll be doing activities such as a food fight, slurpin’ for worms, messy twister, shaving cream balloon fights, bobbing for donuts, slime making, and squirt gun tie-dying. A couple of the Messy activities do have a fee included such as the squirt gun tie-dying.

1. I saved the backs of a few cereal boxes. The kids will enjoy the free activities.

2. I made goodie bags for the ride to and from the campground. Our kids loved when I did the trip goodie bags for them while they were growing up. I collected individually wrapped candies at the after Easter and Valentines day clearance to make each of the kids a bag. I used bags that I already had too. It cost $3.50 to buy the Easter candies and $1.50 to buy the Valentine's candies. I added a few things that I already had to the Valentine's candies bag too.

3. I bought these little divided boxes for $1.00 each at the Dollar Tree. I used small amount of multiple snacks that I already had in my pantry. They will eat these for an afternoon snack or on a picnic.

4. I bought the supplies and put together a Travel/Camping/Restaurant Kit. They should enjoy this for many years with a few replenishment. I have links to my other posts if you want to see the details of the kit. It was a $40 investment but it'll be worth it for our two grandkids enjoyment.

5. The campground is doing squirt gun tie-dying. I spent $16 for 4 white t-shirts at Walmart to save money. The campground is selling shirts for $10 each, that would be a $24 savings. I got my granddaughter a shirt from the boys section cause the girls shirts were the see-through material.  I got my shirt from the men's section cause the women's shirts were a slippery polyester. I didn't think it'd be good for tie-dying. I was able to get the sizes we needed in advance without worry at we'd not get our sizes. We'll still need to pay $4 for each dye packet.

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