Thursday, June 21, 2018

KonMari: Komono

My husband and I each got older Kindles for the camper. We got one on eBay and our oldest son gave us his old one. I'm using the older one that our son gave us. It came with the plastic protective cover. I had the fabric Vera Bradley cover for quite a few years but hadn't used it cause I didn't have an e-reader. I'm happy that the Kindle fits and my cord too.


The Kindle my husband got is a newer version that mine. He ordered a plastic protective cover to go on his since it didn't already had one. We're both happy with our Kindles and have enjoyed playing on them together.

I update my houseplant shelves in the laundry room. I moved things around a bit and repotted a few plants.

 My husband has discarded several electrical items. I don't mind him having a lot of things under this category since it's his job/hobby. I'm glad he's releasing things that he can't use. I'd like him to be able to use his things and enjoy them rather than be stored unused. 

And more electrical. I forgot to take a picture of the first 5 items before donating them.

My husband spent a good bit of time organizing his tool bag with a few organizers that he bought.

The organizers with his tools in them.

I updated my planner, the family calendar, our 5 yr. plan on Google Sheets, and our Trip Plans Notebook.

Our 5 yr. plan on Google Sheets under the camping tab. We picked our camping trips and paid for them in advanced for the 2018 camping season.

I printed and added my own items to the 26 week Konmari list from the group I follow on Facebook. I still have a few projects to do  under some of the categories.

• Children’s Belongings- Paint the grandkids furniture stored in the barn.
• Furniture- Paint the family room and refinish the floor.
• Sentimental- Delete unwanted digital pictures, organize our 6 photo boxes of printed pictures, scan printed pictures to digital, and update our gallery wall.

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