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KonMari: Reaching Click Points with Komono

I reached click points in February for Clothes/Papers/Books I finished discarding in these KonMari categories about  a year. I've been doing the Komono categories to reach click point and wanted to do an update. I'm finished with focusing on the Komono categories for now. I have a couple projects to do under a few categories but won't go back to reevaluate the entire category again this round. I'll be working on my projects and Sentimental in June and July. 

Week 7 Office Supplies

My husband moved my computer into my office from his office, 2 weeks ago. My office didn't have internet access before so he ran it so I can use my computer. I moved things around in my office to make room for the computer.  I got new speakers, a mini USB fan, and ordered a mouse pad but it hasn't arrived yet.  The window in my office doesn't have a screen and so we're  going to have a custom screen make for it at Home Depot. I hadn't realized the joy that I was missing out on by not being in my pretty little office as much as I am now.

I had a bit of stuff that had collect over the last couple months in my office that didn't really have a designated space but was put in a temporary spot instead. I spent a day and took everything out that needed a designated space and sat it on the kitchen table. I analyzed my things and my office for several hours before deciding where everything needed to live and then put  my stuff away. My rule is my office supplies and craft supplies must all fit into my little office.

My husband got a new computer that our oldest son build for him for his birthday in January. He had been using a laptop and my computer in his office. The new desktop computer is better for gaming. He moved his computer that he had temporarily set-up in the family room to his office. He moved things around in his office to make room for his computer and monitors. I believe he is enjoying his office much more.

My husband had extra computer stuff, eBay supplies, and tools in his little office. He put those things where they are suppose to be stored outside his office. I think we have reached click point for Office Supplies. We won't know for sure until we have used our moved around offices a bit longer since it's only been a week.

Week 8 Linens, Laundry, and Health Products

We got new bathroom towels, hand towels, and rags.  I cut-up and moved the older things to our project rags bucket.

We had discarded all our unloved bedding but in the past year have gotten 3 new beds that we needed bedding for. I used what I had to outfit the new beds but we needed more. It took a year to find what I wanted while thrifting. Our oldest son moved out March 2017 and took everything in his bedroom and that he owned in storage. We painted his old bedroom, got new decor, a papasan chair and stool, and a guest bed. We got a camper that we renovated last Spring and needed bedding for its 2 beds.  In March I finally went thrifting for new bedding to fill the gaps. I put the pillowcases on our master bedroom pillows and our camper bed pillows. We got a comforter for our camper bed and now we have enough if it's chilly.  We bought new sheets for our camper bed cause my husband doesn't like the texture of the microfiber ones that we had on it. We got our grandkids bedding for our guest camper bed. They will be happy to see it on our trip with them to Jellystone this weekend. We got a thinner blanket to use while lounging on the kitchenette or around the campfire. We got a small quilt that folds-up into a pillow for picnics. We got an extra comforter for the guest bed in our son's old bedroom.
I think we have reached click point with Linens, Laundry, and Health Products. We'll see for sure once we use our camper beds for the season.

Weeks 9-10 Kitchenware and Pantry Supplies
Our YA kids had a few kitchenware supplies that they wanted space to store in the kitchen. I moved things around to fit their things. I've been using up our pantry supplies before buying new since January.

Week 11 Electrical

We've discarded a few computer things and got a few newer things when we moved our computers around in our offices.  My husband got a new computer that our oldest son build for him for his birthday in January which was installed in his office in May. We both ended up getting new speakers.

We got a few new electrical things for our camper over the last month.  We got a Comcast for our camper bedroom TV so we can watch digital movies. My husband still has to figure out how it all works. We have to download a few movies before our first camping trip since we don't know if we'll have Wi-Fi at the campground. We installed decorative Led lights along the walls in the camper this week. My husband is figured out how to download music to his phone to sink the phone to the lights to do the light show. He needed a special App and to preload music to his phone due to not possibly having Wi-Fi .

We each got older Kindles for the camper. We got one on eBay and our oldest son gave us his old one. We both have spend time downloading e-books and games to them. This will allow us to use digital books and movies when we aren't in the camper bedroom. We downloaded a couple kids cartoons and kids music for our grandkids to use the Kindles when they camp with us. The funny is that I deleted all of my Kindle books which was over 500 over a year ago cause I never used the Kindle App on my computer.

We've been in the process of painting and refinishing the floors in our living room and family room since February. The living room is mostly done except I'm stencil painting hydrangeas to one of the walls. We'll have to reassess our electrical items in those rooms once we've moved back into them for now both rooms are being stored.

My husband has a good amount of electric that he's selling on eBay which is kind of his hobby. I'm guessing we'll be at click point with electrical by the end of Summer. It takes longer when you're moving stuff around and end up needing or wanting newer things. 

Week 12 Cleaning, Utilities, and Supplies

I went though these categories and didn't have anything to discard but added a few needed things to the shopping list.

Week 13 Health and Beauty

Our YA kids had health and beauty supplies that they wanted stored in the bathroom. I moved things around to fit their things. We've reached click point in those categories in our home. We're still working it out in our camper but will know for sure by the end of Summer.

Week 14 Hobbies

My main hobbies are reading, papercrafting, and blogging. I have a few other crafting hobbies and garden too. I have a workout room to exercise at home. My husband and I enjoy camping and renovated an older camper last year. We enjoy long walks and hiking too. My husband's hobbies are gaming on his computer, guns and their supplies, and prepper/bug out gear.  My hobbies and our joint hobbies are at click point. My husband still have a bit to do for his. Our oldest son moved out in March 2017, we redid his room and painted it in November. My husband is going to use the room as his hobby room. He's moved his things to the closet but hasn't had a chance to set anything up because we keep having long term guests using the room.

I joined a Vision Board group at the Art League in February. I collected supplies that I already owned to create my Vision Board book, along with buying a bag, plastic folders, and glue sticks. I already had a system with paper folders for magazine pictures/words to use for junk journals but once I got the plastics folders I reorganized everything into them and create more categories to do the Vision Board. It was fun putting a kit together to makes it easier to work on this project and attend the monthly meetings. I included a snack to enjoy at the meetings too. It's so much fun to have time to create and to have everything easy to use.

Week 15 Personal Collections and Komono Miscellaneous

I wouldn't say I have any collections beyond the ones that I already mentioned under Hobbies. Those come with enough supplies on their own. A few of the ones mentioned on the list were duplicated under this category. I did clean the car, truck, camper, shed, and 3 stall barn under this category. One think that I have learned about myself is that although I like to be more minimal, I like to have everything that I need to enjoy my hobbies/personal interest and have everything very organized.

Week 16 Children and Pets

Our grandkids Toy Closet is at click point since we painted it in the fall. I haven't had a chance to paint the furniture/toy boxes in the barn. That is on my list for the Summer once the living room and family room are finished.

Week 17 Decor

We've reach click point with decor except the rooms we're redoing.  We do plan to use most of what we already had in the living room and family room but I've bought a few things thrifting to change things up a bit. Our YA Kids used the family room for computers but that won't be any more. My husband hasn't decide on decor yet for our son's old bedroom which is now going to be his hobby room/guest bedroom. Once our daughter moves out her room it will go back to being a guest room and we'll remove the bed from my husband's hobby room.

Week 18 Seasonal

We've reach click point with Seasonal, except Summer.

We spent 2 weeks getting our yard and outdoor spaces looking good for the Summer. I created a fairy garden and welcome sign for the yard. I set up all our outdoor furniture, washed everything down, moved some yard decor around, and freshed things up. We planted flowers and the vegetable garden too.  I have outdoor furniture that I'd like to spray paint. We just got our grandkids used bikes. We did a few repairs and added training wheels last week.  They rode them for the first time last week  and we need to make a few more adjustments. We got them new folding chairs for camping/bonfires and discarded their outgrown ones.

We have a few things in the 2nd stall of our barn that belong to other people. We attempted to drop it off at the persons storage bin, had it loaded and drove into town, they hadn't paid the bill so it was locked. Uhuh We ended up having to bring the stuff back home and unloaded it back into our barn. We hope this will be done by the end of June but it's dependant on the person catching up their storage bill, so we can drop off their stuff.

I have a few pieces of furniture/toy boxes in the barn that I need to paint for our grandkids that didn't get done yet. I'm hoping to do that this Summer and deliver it to their home, once the living room and family rooms are finished. Once all the things are removed from the back of the 2nd stall of the barn we plan to move our bonfire wood into the space. That will allow us to have a bit more room behind the camper in the 3rd stall.

Week 19 Storage Devises and Furniture

We may be a bit closer to click point in this area but will have to wait until the living room and family room are put back. We can't afford to get new living room furniture, maybe next year. The furniture is changing in the family room. I got a round table thrifting that I plan to paint soon.  I plan to move a few pieces of furniture from the kitchen into the family room. We have a couple months till the room is done being  painted and the floors refinished. We'll be able to move things around once it's all done. My husband has a table and desk that he wants to set-up in his hobby room.

Week 20 Reaching Click points with Komono

We are really close to click point with the entire category of Komono. We're painting and redoing the floors in our entire home over a couple years. It'll be grand once it's all done and the whole house clicks too. We've finished painting and redoing the floors in the living room but are still working on the family room. Once those rooms are finished that will greatly help us reach the click. Our YA daughter maybe moving out this Summer and that will mean we'll be able to redo her room back into our guest bedroom. We plan to redo the laundry room and my husband's office in the fall.

Week 20 Homeschool/Teacher/Homework Stations

Our kids are grown and we don't homeschool anymore.  Most of our things were discarded 4 years ago when our youngest graduated. I gave the last bits to our oldest daughter for our grandkids last round and some this round.

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