Friday, June 8, 2018

My Vision Board Notebook

I joined a Vision Board group at the Art League in February. I collected supplies that I already owned to create my Vision Board book, along with buying a bag, plastic folders, and glue sticks. I already had a system with paper folders for magazine pictures/words to use for junk journals but once I got the plastics folders I reorganized everything into them and create more categories to do the Vision Board. It was fun putting a kit together to makes it easier to work on this project and attend the monthly meetings. I included a snack to enjoy at the meetings too. It's so much fun to have time to create and to have everything easy to use.

 A peek inside one of my plastic folders for magazine pictures/words to use with my Vision Board. The folder category is named Personal with many sub-categorizes.

I spent 2 days painting all the pages so I'd have some color on my background pages before I add magazine cut-outs.

My categories.

I spent a day coloring a picture for the front and back of the inside. I put down scrapbook paper and glued the coloring pages. This is the front picture.

This is the back inside picture. I added a label to the back with my name, address, and number just-in case it should get lost.

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