Thursday, March 22, 2018

Travel/Restaurant Kit for Our Grandkids

I decide to created a travel/camping/restaurant kit for our grandkids. They will enjoy using it when we take them out for the day or a weekend. I got the idea to put it together because we are taking them camping in June. This past Summer when we took them camping for the first time we took their normal toys that we keep in their toy closet in our home. It was a bit bulky for the car ride and for using in the camper. I thought I could put together something that wouldn't take up as much space. 

I was so excited that I found everything I needed in one day including the bag.  I spent $22.00 at the thrift store and $16.00 at Dollar Tree. It's a lot of stuff for $40, for 2 kids. They'll get a lot of use out of it. I'll have to share how I used the stuff I bought in the bags once I have everything spray painted and fully put together. I'm going to spray paint the mental trays and Christmas box. The metal trays will be to used for eating and writing while in their car seats.

 Everything I got at the thrift store.

Everything I got at the Dollar Tree.

Everything packed in the bag.

The bag is a bit bulky and too full but it all fits. I may end up taking out a few things eventually. It was so much fun collecting the stuff and putting it all together.

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