Monday, October 31, 2016

KonMari Week 18: Family Room

The family room is our former homeschool room. It’s turned into the computer hangout room for our young adult kids. We have two in college so lots of books. Our boys are very techie so lots of gadgets. We have 3 of our 4 children at home plus our daughter-in-law, unfortunately our son-in-law moved out. Our oldest daughter, son-in-law, and two grandkids live in their own home.

The kids are responsible for keeping their areas picked up and clean but I do the main basic cleaning in the room. The kids own everything but the table and chairs, couch, curtains, and wall decor.
There isn’t anything for me to discard. This room does need painted and the floors refinished. I’m not sure yet when we’ll do that.

My husband and I did redo the gallery wall yesterday. I had bought and painted a few frames in February and never got the wall finished. The last step is printing pictures and filling the frames which I hope to do this week. Once the kids move out this room will only have the table and chairs, couch, curtains, and wall décor. I’ll move my china cabinet and bird from the kitchen to this room too. It’ll probably be a few years.


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