Saturday, October 8, 2016

KonMari: Sentimental

We made progress on a Sentimental! My husband and I worked on our family photo boxes for a couple hours on Saturday. I’m trying to get the photos category finished before June 2017 to celebrate our Silver Anniversary. We had previously organized a box and were able to organize another box into the first one we finished. I used paperboard to create dividers for each year and decorated with stickers but I didn’t cut them to the right size. My husband and I recut the boards and ...rearranged the stickers. We are going to be buying labels to add the boards to write the years on within the next couple weeks. I got a start on labeling the picture too. I'm using one of the boxes to temporarily store the paperboard dividers. We have an empty box now, that will allow us room to work and it will eventually be full once we get everything sorted. We have 18 years worth of digital pictures that I already have nicely organized on my computer that need printed and added to the boxes. I’m praying everything fits into the 6 boxes. LOL

I decide to go minimal work wise. It's enough to organize 40+ years worth of pictures. My husband and I each have a slip-in picture type album of our growing up years, Our photo boxes are working well for us for our family pictures. I don't have to worry about creating any type of books. I cut the paperboard to the size I wanted to fit the boxes and added stickers. It took 3 years to organize the digital pictures. I'll have our printed pictures done within 1 1/2 years of work. I plan to print the digital too.

Our 6 family photo boxes.

The paperboard dividers. It cut the boards and added stickers. Next up labels.

We have one finished photo box minus the dividers.

Our empty box.

It’s not in bad shape but we made no progress on this side of sentimental. I'm hoping to do something with the black notebooks with pictures stuck onto scrapbook paper and the stack of empty decorated scrapbook pages. I'll probably tear them apart and add pictures to the photo boxes.

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