Thursday, October 20, 2016

KonMari Week 16: Linen Closet

I straighten up my linens this morning. I’ve sorted out and purged this category several times and it’s hit a click point.

We store guest bedding and extra bedding in the two cabinets over the closets in the living room. It’s an old house so closets are small and weird. I’m thankful that last time I sorted through my guest bedding that I used index cards to make a list of what was in each bag. It makes it so much easier. I can tell with a glance of my list that I have everything I need. It helps me to realize that I don’t need to buy anything in that category.

I love the storage bags that I bought for guest bedding over a year ago and am disappointed that CVS discontinued it. I was hoping to get another bag to use for or master bedding. I’ll have to make a trip into town at some point to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to see what they have. We live over an hour away so I haven’t made the trip. I’ve already checked Wal-Mart & Meyers in the next town over and had no luck finding the type I want. Small town living.

We have one bathroom in this big old 5 bedroom house. My bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels are stored in the bathroom. I do need new bath towels so that is on my list to buy. I did get new washcloths a couple weeks ago.

My kitchen towels and washclothes are in a drawer in the kitchen. The blue/white kitchen towels are new. We don't use paper towels much so having a big stock of kitchen towels lasts us till my every other day towel wash loads. My oven mits are in a drawer next to the stove. I just got the sunflower ones and need to replace the blue ones. I don't wear aprons often but I have 2 in my baking pan tote in the basement for big baking days. My nasty mess rags are stored in a plastic dishpan with my cleaners on the shelves leading into the basement.

We store our master bedroom bedding in the super small master closet on the floor. It’s a pain to have to straighten and refold every time I get something out of the closet. I’m hopeful to get a storage bag that I like to keep everything together and avoid dust. My young adult kids keep their bedding in their bedrooms and I don’t do anything with that.


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