Tuesday, October 18, 2016

KonMari Week 16: Laundry Room

I worked on my laundry room today. My laundry is off our kitchen and is the main door we walk through. My laundry supplies are minimal and I didn't have anything to discard. I did clean and wash everything down. I used Goo-Gone on a few coloring marks from my grandkids that I found. I’m not sure when that happened.  I bought a green flower pot at the thrift store for $2 this past weekend. I got it to replace a pot that’s water tray was broke. I repotted the plant. I’m thankful I got it done without procrastinating. LOL My plant shelf is my favorite part of my laundry room.

I straighten up the room after use. I do 3 loads of towels and 2 load of clothing a week for my husband and myself. My young adult children do their own. The laundry room hamper is for towels only. Everyone has a laundry hamper in their bedrooms for dirty clothes. My husband plans to move the washer and dryer this coming weekend to level them out. I’m happy for the chance to clean under them. We need to refinish the floors, paint, and replace the light fixture. It’s not happened this year so maybe next.


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