Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our 1984 Foxfire camper

Woohoo! We bought a 1984 Foxfire camper and had it delivered to our house this morning. Shawn and I are very excited to get a camper for weekend getaways and vacations. We bought it just in time to fix it up over the winter. We plan to have the repairs and updates finished before June for our 2 week Silver Anniversary trip. We’ll be visiting State & National Parks along the Appalachian Trail from Pennsylvania to Maine along with a trip to Niagara Falls in New York. We have 7 months to do all the work. We are going to be on a tight budget to make this trip happen along with all the repairs to the camper. We need to buy a truck or SUV to pull the camper too. We’ll need to seal the roof, replace the ceiling, along with painting, and stocking it with supplies. I’m excited to see how little we can spend and use what we already own to do everything. The roof and ceiling supplies we’ll need to purchase but we have paint and household good. Although I’ve cleared out the bulk of our excess stuff, I’m sure we can still find enough stuff along with a few thrift store trips. Thank you Honey, for making my dream of owning a camper come true.

Our 1984 Foxfire camper.


The previous owner delivering it to us. Thankfully it fits in our barn.

The kitchen.

The kitchen dining area.

The fridge and cabinets in the hallway.


The bathroom door in the hallway.

The bathroom.


The upper part of the bathroom.

The bedroom.


The top bunk/storage cabinet.

The bottom main bed.

The night stand in the bedroom.

The back door and storage cabinet.


The second night stand in the bedroom.

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