Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 4 of the “31 Day Purge”

I'm following along with the A Bowl Full of Lemons “31 Day Purge"

Day 22 Email Subscriptions:

I canceled the last 2 email subscriptions that I get. I changed the email address on a couple emails that are for running my blog. I’m trying to get all my blog emails to go to my blogs email address. I’ll eventually close down a third email that I don’t want after I get everything moved over to the other email. I'm following along with the A Bowl Full of Lemons “31 Day Purge” and Day 21 is Email Subscriptions.

Day 23 Junk Drawers:


I don’t have any junk drawers. It may seem strange to many people but my mother never had a junk drawer and it never occurred to me I should have one either. At this age I’m pretty sure I’m safe from junk drawers. I do have a basket on my microwave near the phone for note taking, pens, and our shed key. It has never gotten out of hand and stays pretty organized. I clean it out every week. I’ve put things in it at times until later in the day when I ask if the item belongs to someone before I threw it away.

I went through it, added a couple doctors’ appointment cards for my stepdad into his files, and put extra pens in the pen box in my little office. I cleaned the top of the microwave were it sits and cleaned the box.

Day 24 Desk:

The desk in my little office.

My desk drawer.

My project drawer. This is were I keep my projects that I am working on. It helps to not have my projects taking up space on my desk when I'm not working on them.

My file drawer. I have 1 file with home improvement project info and the rest are empty. I use to keep Homeschooling files and stuff in this drawer but have cleared it out since our youngest graduated this past Spring. I keep snacks in this drawer too.

Under my desk. This is the stuff I want to rehome into the file drawer if it'll fit or into other areas in my office.

 Day 25 Master Closet:


Our master closet isn't very big. On the left we have a basket for toiletries, a blanket, large pillows, and my husband's gun collection to the right. We use the closets in the living room for our personal closets. Its awkward but it work for us. We move upstairs to this room after we repainted and decorated last June but didn't redo the closet.

 Day 26 Mudroom:


We don't have a official mudroom but our laundry room acts as one. The door we come into our home is the laundry room entry. I didn’t do any decluttering but I did wash the wall by the trash can. The dog dish/food container belongs to our grand-dog. 

Day 27 DVDs:

Our DVD collection is in the black folders. We have PS2 and Wii consoles and the baskets hold our games and accessories. The guys trade in their games a couple times a year so we don't purge the cases. If you'd like you can see more of Our Living Room.

Day 28 Night Stand:

My night stand is in good shape and I didn’t need to do anything to it.

Day 29 Nail Polish:

I moved my polishes into the bag that I had my facial stuff recently and moved my facial stuff into a new bag. I didn't purge anything. I have 14 polishes and 3 treatments. I'll share more detailed pamper posts on another day. You may visit my previous pamper posts.

Day 30 Under the Kitchen Sink:

I did under the kitchen sink earlier in the month when I did cleaners. There was nothing to purge for this day I did a post on  Our Kitchen/Dining Room.

Day 31 Garage:

I finished the garage/barn at the end of August after working on it for the month. I moved my lawn furniture into the stall I use for lawn and garden last week. We still have a piano, and 2 pieces of exercise equipment to donate. We still have the furniture to paint for the grandkids. We removed enough stuff that my husband and I will be parking our cars into the barn this winter Your welcome to visit the post I did after completing Our Barn.

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