Monday, October 27, 2014

October Outside Projects

We completed 19 outdoor projects this month. We spent $25 on brown floor paint and our other projects were free. We are finished for the season but have a list started for next Spring. We are proud of our accomplishment over the last 6 month. We have made many improvements to our homes outdoor space. Your welcome to check out the links to the monthly projects we've complete at the end of this post.

My Outside Space Project List for October :
  •  purge unneeded items from the shed and barn (multiple days of work)
  • weed the gardens (multiple days of work)
  • paint front porch brown
  •  paint 2 screen doors brown
  • pick vegetables in garden
  •  pull veggie plants
  • pull up black plastic on veggie garden
  •  sweep sidewalks and side porch
  • sweep front porch
  • pickup sticks in the yard
  • clean outdoor lawn cushions
  • stack outdoor lawn cushions in barn and cover with plastic 
  • pack backyard outdoor furniture into barn for the winter 
  • pack flower pots into barn  
  • dig the compost pile
  • hang tomato cages on the wall of garage 
  • nail down roof trim 
  • nail down barn siding 
  • stack bricks on shelves



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