Friday, October 10, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge October 2014 Part 1

I've collected 42 items this month to donate so far. I believe purging unneeded/unwanted possessions truly never ends since we’re always bringing things into our home. Once you get past the big clean out you can move onto maintenance or a seasonal purge. The goal is to not allow the extra stuff to build up so I never have to work on it on a daily basis again. I never thought I was a big collector of things and I purged seasonal or when I didn’t want something. I know realize that I moved too much into storage and purchased more than I needed over the last 12 yrs. we’ve owned our home. 

I’m almost to the point of moving onto maintenance. I’m planning to call it finished before Thanksgiving so I can be free over the holiday season. I have a couple areas I want to work on this winter once January is here. I have Homeschool papers along with cookbooks to organize and purge on cold days.

My purge pile this week:

Christmas craft stuff, a book I finished this week, a pot, winter tops, and nighties. I'm purging the summer nighties even though I don't have any others. They are really old and I want to buy new ones next year.

The food items. 
I tossed 4 tomatoes, 2 cucumber, and an egg plant before the picture. I'm not counting these items since I don't count trash. I did my pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Pantry Items

A stack of health magazines. 

I have about 85 magazines left that I want to read first. I plan to read at least 10 magazines per week for the month of October to get my stack under control. I'm following along with the A Bowl Full of Lemons “31 Day Purge” and Day 2 is magazines.

I like magazine and only get one free subscription. I buy used magazines at a thrift store 12 for $1 and limit myself to only buying that amount. My son's girlfriend ordered a large amount of free magazines several months ago but tired of them quickly. I'm keeping the ones I would normally buy and saving money. They’re starting to pile up since I haven't read any for awhile.


I straightened up my closet and my 3 dresser drawers. They are in pretty good shape and only found 1 thing to purge. I did purge 5 clothing items earlier this week

I'm organizing my sticker collection and had a few items leftover from the kids that I didn't need.

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