Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Photo Challenge Week 1

Day 1: Fall- My Autumn Notebook, a pot of flowers, and pumpkin. The pumpkin is from The Maize that my family and I went together.

Day 2: Selfie- I'm wearing the handmade and painted porcelain necklace my husband got me last year at the Bob Evan's Farm Festival.

Day 3: My Planner

Day 4: Fall Stickers- I have some older stickers nothing new yet this year.

Day 5: Outfit of the Day- My outfit is thrift store finds and my earrings were a gift.

Day 6: My View- Our granddaughter Arilesie helping me bag crackers for grampy's chili lunch for work.

Day 7: Gold- You're Still The One!

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