Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Kitchen/Dining Room

I thought I'd do an update on my kitchen since I posted last 6 months ago in March Spring Cleaning: Kitchen/Dining Room Part 2. I think my May 2011 post 52 Weeks: #19 Kitchen will show you the most dramatic difference I've made in my kitchen.

I've purged most of the decorations and bought a few pieces from thrift stores. Most everything I have owned for a long time but moved stuff around or took it from storage. Anything you don't see in the previous posts have been donated including the God Bless wall plaque, the plant stand along with pots/plants, the yellow stool, the CD player, some of my china, and the pots above the stove. I have definitely purged more that I've add to this room.

The biggest purchase was the kitchen table that I bought for $125.00 at a second hand furniture store. I need to paint, remove the carpet and put down new flooring,  and redo the back splash on the wall with the sink.



I removed the pieces that paper towels hang on that I used to hang china cups. I'm thinking on painting it along with the wall calendar holder.

I bought the quilt table runner for $15 in March.

I've had the display on my china cabinet for a couple years. All bought from thrift or yard sales including all the my china and table linens.

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