Friday, September 12, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge September 2014 Part 2

I've collected 27 items this month so far to donate. I've been at this since January 2011 and I'm really pleased with my home. It will be 4 yrs. in 2015 for me and I'm trying to make it to that mark. I've did the household and my personal stuff alone. I'm really starting to slow down with my purging over the last month. This last year my husband has gotten serious about purging his stuff. Last month, was the first time since I started that  my husband collected about half of the items that we purged. It has been fun to do the challenges. I have way to much free time. I'm looking forward to being finished and moving onto other things. Although I'm not really sure this journey to less stuff ever completely ends.

My purge pile this week:

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