Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Not All or Nothing

I have a “non-minimalist” sized home (2,800sqft) that is nicely decorated on a budget. I have a ton of books, craft supplies, and workout stuff. I like giving myself manicures and facials. I like to dress nice, wear heels, makeup, and jewelry on date night. I have food storage, water, and bug out bags in my basement. I have a limit that I allow myself to have and don’t have clutter. I’ve stuff I’m working to downsize including Homeschool stuff, cookbooks, and memory keeping.  It’s minimal compared to most people but I do have stuff and I like it. LOL

I digitized my music, DVD’s, and photos to minimize the physical stuff, yet I don’t use much technology other than my computer. I prefer print books, notebooks, planners, pens, and paper. I do my best to DIY to minimize expenses with cooking homemade, crafting, and home repairs. I like to support local businesses but shop second hand, and big box stores. I visit the farmers market for anything that I don’t have grown in my garden. It’s a balance of doing what feels right.

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