Monday, September 15, 2014

Guest Room

I thought I would share our guest room since my last post was in 2013 My Guest Room and My Sewing Space. I shared in 2012 a couple months after I first set it up Guest Room/Nastasja's Bedroom Redo. It has really changed and looks very nice on a small budget. I have added to the decor over the last couple years with thrift store finds. 

It was painted about 7 years ago and needs to be painted again. I plan to paint it the same color of creamy white called White Chocolate. We had previously used it in the room along with the rest of the house and the tan brown of the Master Bedroom called Otter Tail. We need to redo the wood floors in this room along with the rest of the house. That probably will not happen until next summer.


I bought the bird themed couch for $25 at a thrift store this past Winter. The previous couch went to our oldest sons room.


I really like my guest room and think its really pretty.


I got the mirror over the desk at a thrift store a couple months ago for $5.


My bible study supplies in the flower pot on the stool one of our boys made.

I keep hard candies in the blue crock on the night stand. I have games for the grandkids for when they get a little older in the night stand cabinet. I have old Mary Englebreit magazines in the basket. The baby pack-in-play is now in storage.


The little table and chair set I sent to my grandaughter's home. 

I keep my poetry books in the china cabinet along with decor items. I have a few things in the drawer such as air freshener and a lighter.  The bottom cabinet is empty.


I like to sit on the couch and read sometimes. 


The chest is empty. The TV hasn't been used much since I bought it. Our youngest son had it in his room for a while to play console games until he bought himself a new TV.  I got the rocking chair for $30 at a thrift store in the Spring. I donated the chair that had been in the corner before.


I love the quote over the bed.


I keep my sewing supplies in the closet and desk.



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