Friday, March 4, 2011

52 Weeks: #9 Purse

My husband got me this purse early fall at a yard sale for $5.00. He knew I would want it because I had been watching the yard sales and thirft stores for a blue quilted bag. This purse is the only one I have that is a Vera Bradley it has her name on the front design and a tag inside.  In my Activity Bags Part 2 post you can see pictures of my quilted style Book Carry Bag and Project Bag. My makeup bag that I have in this purse is also a quilted design.

My purse is only slightly disorganized because I try to clean it out everytime I come home.

This is contents of my purse.

This is what is in the quilted makeup bag.

This is after I put everything back in that I am keeping. I really need to get a smaller hairbrush but haven't found one the size or style that I want.

This is what is not going back into my bag an apple, small change purse, ponytail holder, and receipts.

My purse is all packed back up and neatly organized for the next time I leave to run errand or go to activities. I hang my purse on the door knob of my office. If you would like to see a picture visit my Magazine Storage or Organizing My Office posts.
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