Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greetings and Gift Wrap Station

I just love the Greetings and Gift Wrap Station in Gooseberry Patch book 11 on pages 60-63 of course there are also projects on the following pages.

It inspired me to get crafting for My Greetings and Gift Wrap Station to prepare for the upcoming holiday. My favorite place to craft is my little office so I had to do a little cleanup of that first.
I like to make my collection of bags, tags, wraps, cards, and package toppers using the things I already have at home. If I am a little short on supplies such as small bags I look to see what the Thrift Stores or Dollar Tree has for the holidays before I stop at Wal-Mart. So, I gathered my favorite holiday wrap, scrapbook paper, stamps, fabric, and trims and enjoyed an afternoon of creative gift wrapping.

Gingerbread Gift Tags

Supplies: Brown Scrapbook Paper, Scrap Fabric for Bows, Yarn, Hole Punch, Heart Hole Punch, Scissors, Glue, and Pen

Snowflake Gift Tags

Supplies: Blue Cardstock, Snowflake Paint Stamp, Blue Craft Paint, Yarn, Hole Punch, Scissors, Glue, and Pen
Gift Card Holder

Supplies: Christmas Card, Holly Embellishments, Ribbon, Scissors, and Glue
Gift Bags (for Cookies)

Supplies: Brown Paper Bags, Card Stock, Paper Punch, Edged Scissors, Stickers, Yarn, and Glue

I didn't use any specific ideas in the book but it sure did inspire me to get crafty. Have you made any fun things for your gift giving this year?

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