Thursday, April 18, 2019

Lent: #38 of 40 Days of Projects

My mom had a health crisis a month ago and was told she's not stable enough to live on her own. She's moved into a nursing home, she's only 65 yrs. old. She's a alcoholic and has mental health issues like bipolar 2 and depression. She broke her hip about 2 yrs. ago and it's gotten worse ever since. My sister's have cleaned out her little section 8 apartment. I was asked if I wanted anything and I told them I didn't want anything except any pictures of my kids. I knew it wouldn't be much more than 5 yrs, worth when they were babies. I received the pictures and looked through them but hadn't sorted anything yet. I'm going to guess that I'll be getting rid of half the stack that I received. There are duplicated of ones that I already have, random house pictures, and a few from my parents wedding in 1971 that aren't close up enough to even tell who the people are. My parents divorced when I have 5 yrs. old. I already have a couple pictures of them from the pictures I got when my step-dad had came to live with us 9 years ago before he went into a nursing home, he'll be 93 yrs. in May.

A couple weeks later I started sorting the stack.

The left is keep until I sort them into our photo boxes to find any duplicates. The right is definite toss.

I finally got around to sorting the remaining pictures and labeling the backs with a photo safe marker.

And sorted them into our photo boxes.

The 6 photos that I'm discarding after sorting the keeps into our photo boxes. I'm glad I finally got it done, thanks to my 40 Days of Projects.

Our printed photo storage in the living room. On the left is baby book and photo books. On the right is photo boxes.

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