Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lent: #28 of 40 Days of Projects

Today, I decide to go through my Project Bags. I use these bags if I have to go someplace with waiting times or have hang out time. I didn't end up discarding anything but took a couple thing out and added a few things. It's really nice having my bags so organized. I usually add a book to these bags before I take them out for the day. I like to add a bottled drink and a snack too.

This is my blue/green Vera Bradley. I do take this bag camping alot because it's not as bulky but holds a good amount.

A view of the inside.

The contents of my project bag. I have a bit of everything to keep me busy.

I do tend to add my Kindle to this bag before an outing.

My blue/purple Vera project bag.

The contents of this bag. This bag does have a lot of similar items as my other bag but I do have my small electronics in this bag too.

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