Friday, July 20, 2018

Our Outdoor Projects for July

I spend time this week over 3 days working in the barn, shed, and yard. My husband helped a lot too.

I returned things to the shed to were they belonged and straightened up. I had previously spent a day cleaning up this space in late June. It's not too bad but will probably get a bit more tidy before winter.

I straightened up the 1st stall of the barn, collected donations, and trashed a few things.

In a previous post I mentioned removing our 26 yrs. daughters stuff from the barn and taking it to her storage locker. It freed up the back of the 2nd stall in our barn. I moved a few things around, collected a few things to donate, discard unneeded items, and swept the floors. My husband moved the wood crate from the 3rd stall into the empty spot in the 2nd stall. He cut up wood border, a few pallets, and logs that we had for firewood. We both stacked the wood into the new area that we are storing it. This freed up our 3rd stall so that we can get the camper a bit further into the stall once the camping season is over. My discard pile from this project will be in the Clutter Busting post at the end of the month.

Once we moved the firewood, I took all the bricks that were under the wood crate and stacked them with our brick pile that we're collecting to build a patio. I used the scalloped concrete border around our shed and removed the wood border. We have more space for the camper to store during the winter.

We haven't done much in the yard since I posted in May about Our Finished Outdoor Overhaul.
We've been rather lazy and just mowing the lawn. Our vegetable garden doesn't have anything growing cause of the weeds and we have weeds in the flower beds too. I did go out and started to weed around the shed, my fairy garden area. I removed all the timber border and added the scalloped concrete border that I had. It wasn't enough so I'll need to look for more that is similar at the hardware store.

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