Friday, July 6, 2018

Redesigning and Cleaning Wreaths

I spent a day redesigning and cleaning my wreaths in the living room, family room, and kitchen. I've had them for many years, they get dusty and every so often I get bored with the design. 

I have two wreaths that I keep on the double doors leading to my living room. I put the original design together and hung them 15 yrs. ago, it was past due for a change up. I took the greenery/flowers off, added a variety of lace from my craft stash, and re-added the greenery. I'm going to buy silk hydrangea to add later. I hung them on my curtain holder to take the pictures since we're working on the family room and I couldn't rehang them yet.


The second of the two wreaths that I keep on the double doors leading to my living room.

I took all the silk hydrangea out of the metal basket, sprayed them in the shower, laid them on a towel to dry, dusted the Spanish moss the best I could, and rearranged the hydrangea back into the basket. I'm not sure yet were I putting this one yet, it had been in the kitchen.

This wreath I laid the whole thing into the shower, sprayed it off, and let it dry before rehanging it.

I put this wreath in the kitchen sink, sprayed it with the sprayer, laid it to dry, and rehung it back on the kitchen door leading to the basement. I dusted the cross too.  

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