Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Our July Home Projects

My husband and I started moving everything back into our living room. We put the curtains back up, moved the blue couch back in, the end tables, corner cabinet, and decor. We aren't finished yet since we can't use the living room until after the family room is done. We left the family room table in the living room while we work on that room. The entertainment center isn't in it's final spot yet either. It does look better and is starting to take shape. I haven't decided if I'm doing the stencil yet behind the entertainment center or what decor I want to put back up. I was happy to start redesigning and putting my decor back together. I added a couple things to my corner shelf that I thrifted recently.

A close up of the decor on my corner cabinet. The little china flower bouquet on the middle shelf I bought at a thrift store for $1 and on the bottom shelf the figurine with the two little birdies was $1 at a different thrift store. 

I painted the little round table that I purchased for the family room seating area. I'm storing it in the living room temporarily while we paint the family room and refinish the floors. I used the same Behr Alkyd Satin Emamel color Granite Gray that I used on the entertainment center in the living room. I'm painting shelves for my husband's hobby room next.

This is the current state of our living room. We started work on the family room so this room isn't usable yet. We've blocked off the double door leading into the rest of the house. If we want into this room we're using the extra outside door that we have a curtain on to hide the fact that it's a door and not a window. We have an old house with extra doors. I can't wait til the family room is finished the living room and family room haven't been usable since February. We took too long of a break once the living room was painted and the floor refinished.


In my exercise room I hung the cross up that I thrifted for $3 a couple months ago on the wall. I'm still on the lookout for something to add to the other side of my wood sign. I'm thinking maybe a silk flower with red since that's my main decor color in the room.

I added this little crystal bird vase that I thrifting for $3 to the shelf in the exercise room too. I'm not sure yet if I'll keep it there or not, if I do I'll add a bit of a red silk flowers.

My next project will be to repaint these shelves for my husband's hobby room. I had spray painted them but they didn't turn out well, due to the spray paint bubbling up. I had my husband sand the shelves with an electric sander. I'll paint them with the same paint that I used on the entertainment center and the little round table. You can see the gray is similar to the entertainment center gray. I did my best to color match the gray so that I could use the same spray paint and Alkyd on several projects and have them match. I chose the gray paint colors to match the curtains and mirror that I put into his hobby room.

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