Monday, May 7, 2018

Our Finished Outdoor Overhaul

My husband and I finished our Outdoor Overhaul last night. I worked quite a few hours multiple days while he was at work. In the evening and on weekends we worked together. It was a lot of work but we're glad it'd done. I have a few things I'd still like to do but we can enjoy our Summer in our outdoor spaces. Our home renovation projects in the living room and family room didn't get the full attention on most day while doing the Outdoor challenge. We'll get back to that and try to finish it up by Memorial day weekend. We're excited for camping season to have getaways in our camper that we bought and renovated last Summer for our 25th Anniversary.

Our list of things we did:

 • Edged the sidewalks.
• Level the ground were the ground hog dug tunnels.
• Fill the holes with dirt near the road.
• Swept the sidewalks and side porch.
• Remove dry grass build up around foundation.
• trim blackberry bush and tie up.
• Picked up trash in the yard.
• Picked up sticks in the yard.
• Burn sticks in firepit.
• Reset the decorative bricks around the flower beds.
• Clean out both window wells for the basement.
• Weeded the flower gardens.
• Mow the grass.
• Swept the sidewalks.
• Tilled the vegetable garden to prepare to plant Mother's day.
• Weeded around the boarder of the vegetable garden
• Put a bag of wildflowers seeds in the backyard rock bordered area near vegetable garden.
• Set backyard lawn furniture out.
• Washed the backyard lawn cushions.
• Set out the flower pots.
• Set up the tiki torches.
• Dig up mini trees that sprouted in front garden.
• Clean bird feeder and fill with seed.
• Wash bird bath and fill with water .
• Clean and fill squirrel feeder.
• Created a Fairy Garden.
• Make garden stones.
• Sweep front porch
• Sprayed down the front porch and decor.
• Washed the front porch lawn cushions.
• Sprayed the lower left side of the house down and scrubbed off mold with a brush.
• Weed behind barn.
• wash out the outdoor trash cans.
• Wash the cars and truck.
• Organize and purged in the shed and barn.
• Swept the barn of leaves and debris.
• Clean the outdoor toys for our grand-kids.
• Put training wheels on the bikes for our grand-kids.
• Pumped up our bike tires.
• Hung the hanging baskets on the front porch.
• Planted flowers in pots around the yard.
• Plant vegetable plants in the vegetable garden.
• Set out tomato cages for tomatoes.

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