Monday, May 21, 2018

Our May Home Projects

We did a few projects around the house in May. It's nice to do projects and freshen up our space.

I took up all the register vents in the house and spray painted them. I did a couple rooms at a time. It took almost 2 weeks to finish because I could only do enough vents that would fit on my cardboard. I used ColorPlace Gloss Spray Paint in Black.


The door fell off our fridge and my husband repaired it and put it back on.  

We painted the living room and refinished the floors in April. I painted the Entertainment center in the living room this month. I used Behr Alkyd Satin Enamel. The color is Granite Gray and I did 2 coats of paint.

I purchased the round table for $5 at the thrift store in April for the family room seating area. I'm going to paint the table soon. We're working on painting the family room and redoing the floors so I won''t be able to put it into use yet. I'll be using Behr Alkyd Satin Emamel. The color will be Granite Gray.

My husband got a new computer that our oldest son build for him for his birthday in January. He had been using a laptop and my computer in his office. The new desktop computer is better for gaming. He moved his computer that he had temporarily set-up in the family room to his office. He moved things around in his office to make room for his computer and monitors. I believe he is enjoying his office much more.

My husband moved my computer into my office from his office, 2 weeks ago. My office didn't have internet access before so he ran it so I can use my computer. I moved things around in my office to make room for the computer. I got new speakers, a mini USB fan, and ordered a mouse pad but it hasn't arrived yet. The window in my office doesn't have a screen and so we're going to have a custom screen make for it at Home Depot. I hadn't realized the joy that I was missing out on by not being in my pretty little office as much as I am now.

We got the camper ready to go for the Summer too. Our first camping trip will be Memorial Day weekend. We are camping at Twin Acres Campground in Whitehouse, Ohio and visiting Sauder Village for 2 days, Oak Opening Nature Preserve, Toledo Botanical Gardens, and the Blair Museum of Lithophanes.


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