Saturday, May 5, 2018

My Welcome Sign

I created a Welcome sign for my front yard. I used paint and stencils that I'd had for years. I used scrap paneling for the sign and trim for the stakes from our camper restoration last year. I set a red vintage milk jug that my daughter Nastasja gave me in the garden near our porch along with my newly made sign.

The paneling, paint, and stencils that I used. I didn't end up using the green stencil paint, it was dried up. I used a green craft paint instead. 

I had painted the paneling white and painted the roses. I brushed on the white and then wiped it off with a rag to give it a white washed look so you could see the wood slightly under the paint.

My newly made Welcome sign before my husband added the stakes. I did mess up on the first attempt and the Welcome was too off center. I turned the wood over and redid the other side. Once it was dry I painted the messed up side black.

The red vintage milk jug that my daughter gave me in the garden near our porch along with Welcome sign. I think they looks great together. It’s especially powerful with the red milk jug drawing out the red colors in the Welcome sign.

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