Friday, May 4, 2018

My Fairy Garden

I made my first purchase for my yard for the season on Tuesday at the Thrift, $12 spent. I got yard decor and stuff to create a Fairy garden. I set everything up for the Fairy garden near my shed along with a few other things that I had. I like the fact that all the houses open. I'm trying to find a few things for each house to put inside, that my grandkids can take out to play with. I have a 6 little figurines inside the Apple house and nothing in the other two yet. I'd like a couple bigger figurines to set near the houses but I'll have to keep looking for now. I made a garden stone to add to yesterday, and I made a second today. I'd been collecting stuff at the Thrift for a year to be able to do the garden stones.

My Tuesday haul at the Thrift for $12

My Fairy Garden so far.

The things that I added to the Fairy garden that I already had.

My supplies set up in the barn.

My first garden stone made.


 My garden stones that I made for the Fairy garden. They hadn't dried yet, but first one looks good.

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