Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Camper Renovations

It's been 11 days since we bought our camper. I wanted to give an update on our renovations. We are enjoying working on the project every evening together. I’ve worked some most days myself during the day too. We are thankful for our neighbor who helped us move the trailer and level it out on Thursday evening.

We are slightly disappointed that its more work than we thought. There are two areas in the camper that had a previous leak, one in the front and one in the back. We are tearing out the ceiling to repair and replacing it. We started in the back bedroom area. There is damage to the walls so we are going to have to replace that too. We are going to be basically starting from scratch to rebuild the back portion. We plan to repair the back before starting in the front kitchen area. We’re hopeful the front isn’t as bad. It’s tricky with the cabinets since we don’t want to have to replace them. We plan to use whatever we can salvage to reuse. We have a huge pile of stuff in the shed for the winter until we are done. We filled 3 trash cans work of paneling, insulation, and wood.

We’ve never done a project like this before. We have watched a lot of YouTube videos. We have started making small purchases of supplies to ease the expense out slowly. We are one income and don’t have credit cards. We are enjoying coming up with idea to make things ourselves or to do things cheaper. We are going for quality rather than shotty workmanship or supplies to the best of our ability.

 Before- Bedroom area.

Bedroom area while removing bed and cabinets.

After the loft bed/cabinet and main bed are removed. My husband peeking though the storage door. LOL

After- The insulation, ceiling, and paneling are removed.

The flooring is in good shape. We're thankful we can salvage it. The area near the storage door will need repaired.

The corner of the bedroom area that had the leak.

I'm scrubbing the bathroom. Oh, what fun. LOL The wallpaper goes next.

Before: The kitchen area.

After- The kitchen area. The couch cushions and curtains are in storage. I'll remove the wallpaper in the kitchen soon. We haven't done any tare down yet. I did clean although it doesn't look like it now.

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