Monday, November 7, 2016

KonMari Week 19: Children's Belongings

I have 4 young adult children, 3 of them have no children, and 2 aren’t sure if they ever will. My grandkids are 4 yrs. and 2 yrs. I have a closet upstairs that I use for my grandkids things along with my sewing stuff. I have an area in the barn for outdoor toys. The highchair is in the basement since they are now too old for it; I'm saving it for future grandkids. I had already previously donated all the toys my grandkids outgrew. I’ve decided that I’m not keeping toys/games they outgrow for future grandkids; I’ll just buy if needed. I did donate 2 outdoor riding toys they outgrew and plan to buy a new one next spring. I do have a few other things stored for them but they are upcoming Holiday/Birthday gifts.

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