Thursday, November 10, 2016

KonMari Week 19: Catch Up Week

I'm used week 19 to catch up on weeks 10 and 11. Week 11 was Homeschool Teacher/Homework Stations.

This was a big project that I've been working on finishing for about 2 years. It was stored together on a shelf in the basement. Its homeschool Pre-K stuff from when my kids were young. I used it when I taught in our co-op for many years after my kids were older too. I’ve worked on it several times to get it sorted for my grandkids but hadn’t finished. My grandkids are 4 yrs. and 2 yrs. I’m glad I got it done; otherwise I’d have missed the opportunity for them to use it. This is the very last of our homeschool stuff. The bulk of our supplies had already been donated to other homeschoolers and a local daycare with an afterschool program.

This category would also be considered sentimental because I handmade the supplies for my kids and now my grandkids. I sorted and tossed in each crate and tote. The Lessons Crate I did make specifically for my grandkids in the same style that I used for my kids. I’m so happy to have these subcategories finished. I’ll be taking everything to my daughter and grandkids on Thursday for our weekly date night.

What I have:

 Elementary Totes #1-4: File Folder Games- Language Arts, Math & Science

Pre-K Totes #1 & #2: Felt Stories

Pre-K Crate #1- Craft Supplies

Pre-K Tote #3: Lessons
Pre-K Crate #2- Seasonal Craft Ideas

Big Tote: Puppets

All loaded into my car.


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