Sunday, November 27, 2016

KonMari Week 22: Seasonal/Holiday Part 1

I sorted and packed up all my autumn decorations. I’m not discarding anything. I’ve minimized them a lot over the last couple years. The kitchen is the only room I decorate now that my kids are grown. It’s so much simpler that it used to be. I have 1 box for everything. I change a few things out each month of September, October, and November. I used the wreaths all 3 months but I changed out the table and kitchen counter decor.

My Autumn Decoration tote.


My November kitchen counter décor.

My November table décor.

I used the door wreath all 3 months.

 I used the wreaths all 3 months. I decorated these wreaths a couple years ago.

The things I didn't use in November. I did use most of it during the 3 months of Autumn. 

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