Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Not Back to School

It’s back to school time but not for everyone. This will be my second year with no back to school. My kids are grown and graduated from our homeschool. My grandkids aren't old enough for school yet. I do have a son-in-law and my son's fiance going to college this fall. It doesn't directly effect me besides the fact that they live in my house. The back to school time does get busier for everyone in our home. There are a lot of things I don't have to do anymore but I still want to prep for this time of year. 

I was thinking on it and their are lots of changes that occur with the start of school even for people like me. My husbands work starts to ramp up harder after the Summer to get projects completed by the end of the year. It make it busier and stressful for him. A good amount of adults activities start back up after a Summer break. People are less available and have busier schedules during the school year even without school. The Holidays will start coming at a faster rate. Their are things to do to prep for the winter. It's still important to consider my family's needs this time of year. I did a few things around the house to get the not back to school year off to a good start.

My Not Back to School Chores

I've been keeping my desk and office picked up. You may have seen that I finished the project for My Little Craft Office.

I cleaned up my husband desk and office.

I organize our household files and bill box in my husband's office.

The red and blue file folders in the back are extras.

I got a tune up on my computer and updates. I added a new wallpaper to my computer desktop. I updated my social media by added new profile pictures and cover photos.

I cleaned the main entry and repaired the coat hooks. It won't be too long before everyone will have jackets to hang.

I cleaned the phone message area. I tend to get more "Mom can you help me." or "Mom, I need to talk." calls after the summer is over. LOL

I collected winter clothes for my grandson over the summer at yard sales but didn't find anything for my granddaughter. I washed and package my grandson's winter clothes. I'll give them to my daughter on Sunday. I'll have to stop at thrift stores to find clothes for my granddaughter over the next couple weekends.

I cleaned the laundry area. A clean and organized laundry area is very important to help lessen stress during a busy season.

I went shopping and got 2 new bras at Wal-Mart. I got 2 tops, 2 skirts, and a pair of slippers at the thrift store. My husband got a pair of pants and a shirt at Wal-Mart. My husband donated 4 older clothing items from his closet when we got home. I trashed an older bra and slippers.

I did a quick tidy of my husband's drawers and mine. His are on the left and mine on the right.

I did a quick tidy of my closet. I keep my cold weather clothes, workout clothes, toiletries, purses, and on-the-go bags in my closet.

I did a quick tidy of my husband's closet.

I've decide to make a few crockpot freezer meal for busy nights. I happened to find a couple packages of discounted ground chuck at the grocery and needed to use or freeze them. I make unstuffed cabbage rolls for dinner and hamburgers for the next night along with freezing a meal of crockpot chili. I'll serve the  crockpot chili over pasta on a busy evening. Its a small start on crockpot freezer meals but I don't need many. I'll make a few more after I grocery shop.


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