Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Project: House

I keep a project list about my house in a folder that I call Project: House. My Project: House is coming along nicely. We’ve been doing home repairs, improvement projects, redecorating, and purging excess possessions for the last 5 yrs. This is what happens when you buy an old house and your children grow up. You have time for projects that you didn't feel you had the time or the money to do. My husband and I have enjoyed spending time together working on our house. Our home is a do it ourselves low budget project. I’m hopeful we will be able to finish the house within the next 2 yrs.or so.

We’ve redone the family room, the front porch, and 4 bedrooms and are about to start on the 5th bedroom that will be an exercise room. We just finished redoing the bathroom and my little office this summer. We spent many hours working on the bathroom painting, doing trim, installing a new toilet, hanging a medicine cabinet and shelf. We spent many hours removing everything from my little office, painting, redoing the floors, organizing, and moving everything back. We did the outside of the house last summer such as painting the trim, painting the doors, repairing the sidewalks, and redoing the front porch again. We have a few things to finish outside but they will wait for another summer.  On the list to do but not scheduled is my husband’s little office, the laundry room, living room, and the kitchen. We will redo the family room and 3 of the bedrooms again at some point too.

I started purging excess possessions 4 yrs. 8mon. yrs. ago. I've spend the last 2 yrs. mostly doing storage spaces. I plan to be completely finished with possessions by the end this year. I will do a once a month purge on the 1st of every month to combat accumulation. I do not want to have to do such as big purge project again.  I’m cleaning and reorganizing everything as I go about purging. Our home is looking great. 

You may be interested in my completed projects by viewing under my Label for My Home Tour.

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