Monday, September 7, 2015

Daily Focus: Cleaning Day

Daily Focus: Cleaning Day- Monday's  

I do my Daily Chores, Weekly Chores, and my Zone Cleaning. I spend about an hour doing my Weekly Chores and another hour doing my Zone Cleaning.

Weekly Chores:
  • Dust
  • Sweep/Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Wash Windows
  • Clean mirrors and doors
  • Purge Magazines
  • Empty all trash cans 
  • Wash Bedding
  • Cleaning Zone
I do one Cleaning Zone each week and rotate through them. I do basic cleaning, pickup, and clutter control everyday throughout my home. I do my Detailed Cleaning based on my zone for the week.

(Follow the Detailed Cleaning Lists for each Zone.)

My Zones:

  • Zone 1: Porches and Storage Areas
  • Zone 2: Kitchen/Dining Room and Laundry Room
  • Zone 3: Bathroom and Offices
  • Zone 4: Bedrooms and Closets
  • Zone 5: Living Room and Family Room
I'll list my Detailed Cleaning for each room in a separate post.

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