Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daily Focus: Home Office Day

Thursdays – Office Day

  • Clean and organizing my office 
  • Organize Desk 
  • Purge Magazines
  • Purge, File, Organize Papers 
  • Plan in and organize my Notebooks 
  • Plan in my Planner 
  • Organize projects and make a supply lists
  • Plan Date Night and Family Fun Time 
  • Checking prescriptions and call for refills 
  • Make appointments and phone calls 
  • Write letters, cards, and wrap gifts 
  • Pay bills and clean out bill box 
  • Do Checkbook and review Bank Account
  • Work on my Blog
  • Prep for Errands/Grocery Day
  • Prep for activities 
  • Put holds on books at the Library and gather returns 
  • Pack lunch and fill water bottle
  • De-Clutter purse have money for Errand’s 
  • De-Clutter car & put a trash bag in car 
  • Put donations in car 
  • Put activity bags in car 
  • Clean the fridge before grocery shopping 
  • Take trash to curb

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