Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Plans

I would really like to keep myself busy this summer and not spend so much time on the computer.  I don’t work outside the home and have a good amount of free time. There are 6 adults in our home and I do most all of the household chores. I am able to keep up with my chores and our home is always company ready. I need things I can do during the day while my husband is working since I'm caring for my 88 yrs. step-dad and he can't be left alone due to Alzheimer's. I like to do projects to keep busy such as my Clutter Busting which I have been posting pictures about for a year now. I’m not sure how I’m going to fill my time this Summer but I'm trying to come up with a few ideas.

My Home:

I made a list of Dinner Ideas using what I already have on hand and a few perishables to buy. I have been using up our stock of food since fall and only buying perishables along with a few needed items and sale items. The list is just a guide for the summer and I'll add to it as I come up with more ideas.

I’ll continue to clean, declutter, organize, and redecorate the inside of our home. One of the benefits of buying less and minimizing our possessions is that we have more money for things we would typically put off such as home repairs and updates.

I have a couple tasks to do before I’m finished with my outside chore list. This list will probably take up a good amount of time in the evenings as my husband and I work together to complete it. I'm planning that it will take about 3 days each week working about 3 hours each time since that is about what it took for my May Outside Projects. Putting a sealant on the concrete in our barn and shed may take extra time and be a multilayer project.

My Husband:

My husband and I will continue with our Wednesday date nights that we've been doing for about 5 yrs. I want to do our 4 mile walk 5X week that we have been doing for 4 yrs.

My Children:

We will continue with family dinner on Sunday evenings and our plan to start walking the trail in town together. My husband and I are considering a couple activities that we can all do together.

I’ll visit our daughter Brittany and grand kids while our son-in-law is at work.

Our son-in-law Michael joined the Ohio National Guard. I am going to help our daughter Nastasja make care packaged over the summer to sent to him after he leave in late September.

Our son Shawn just proposed to his girlfriend Sarah so I might be needed to help with wedding plans.

Our youngest son Brandon is having his graduation party at the end of June so I have a lot of work to do for that. We are renting a shelter at the park and he wants me to make Chipotle style food.

Just for Me:

I'm going to read Touch My Heart in Summer by J. Countryman during my devotional time.

I've fallen off my exercise routine. I need to get back to yoga and start working out regularly. I plan to spend 10 minutes each day in meditation.

I need to do my Pamper Day more consistently. I like to give myself a facial, manicure, pedicure, shave, shower, do my hair, makeup, put on perfume, and put on a nice outfit on Wednesday's in preparation for date night with my husband.

I made a list of my non-finished crafty projects that I need to work on. I won't finish everything by summers end but having them all listed helps me to keep track of them.

I plan to read more books from my shelves. I'll continue to limit how many books I purchase and borrow so that I can read and purge books that I own.

I'll enjoy relaxing outside on my swing drinking iced tea while watching the birds and squirrels in my yard.

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