Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Seasonal Wreaths

I believe in being a good steward by saving money so instead of buying new I redid my wreaths. I like the creativity of re-purposing.  I'm thankful that God provides so well for us. I'm thankful for my loving husband that works too hard for me to be wasteful. He appreciate that I am resourceful and likes seeing the things I come up with that cost us little to no money.

My Spring Wreaths:

I bought this one a couple years ago. I reworked it, took off the bow, and added the little nest, eggs, and bird.

I repainted the birdhouse that I took off of another wreath to add onto it. It's not much but it freshens it up for the Spring.

My Summer Wreaths:

I did this yellow one probably 10 years ago for one of my daughter's.

I redid it in the red poppies for my front door to use this Summer. I reused the bow and bought two bunches of poppies at the Dollar Tree for $2.00. It matches my porch furniture a lot better.

I have reworked this wreath many times over the years and it was time to take it apart and start fresh. This wreath is were I got the little birdhouse for my heart shaped lilac wreath.

I had the creamy white flowers, and the fairy pick in my craft stash.

My Autumn Wreaths:

I wanted to share the one I did a couple years ago. I purchases it at a thrift store for about $3.00. I redid it by taking it a part, deciding what to keep and adding things I already had in my craft stash.


New to Me:
I just bought this one at a Thrift Store for $3.00 this weekend. I like that its a pumpkin shape rather than the standard round of most wreaths. I didn't do anything to this wreath but fluff it up a little.

My Winter Wreaths:

My winter wreaths are both the same. I bought them at a thrift store for $3.00 each already finished. I do plan to add some berry sprigs this coming season. 

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