Friday, June 13, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge June 2014 Part 2

I'm playing the Minimalist Game @ The Minimalists this month. That's 465 items to purge from my home in a 30 day month. In 12 days I have purged 432 items from our home and with my husband's box of computer stuff we purged 500 additional items. I'm counting that as a bonus for the month. I plan to complete the game this next week with a total of 1,000 items purged from my home. I'll need to purge 68 items to make that goal.

That is 40 bags in 11 Days, not counting Sundays, with a total of 200 bags in 85 Days. I purging a little from my craft/office, barn, shed, living room, family room, and bedroom this week. You can really tell what our hobbies are this week by looking at all the pictures. LOL

My purge pile this week:


A bag of bags.

2 poles, and broken sunglasses.

Computer parts.

More computer parts.

And more computer parts.

Empty movie cases.


Cup hooks, curtain holders, magazine, and a pillow.

My dad's shoes.

Homeschool books.


Sewing frame, metal brackets, toy and a eye patch.

Name tags.

Nobs, chain, clear CD cover, and fake worms.


Glue gun holder, sculpting tool, and small craft projects.


Books and movies.

Chalkboard and a display.

Night stand.

Gardening pots and tray.

Books and games.

Magazines and a sign.


A printer and accessories.

More Magazines.

And more Magazines.

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