Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Outside Projects

My husband and I spend some of  June doing outside chores.We got a late start on the vegetable garden this year and was not able to find some of the plants we wanted. We spent a little more this year than we normally would. We had to buy more single plants than we usually do instead of 6 packs. We'll not be putting it off next year and will do our traditional Mother's Day weekend planting. We decided not to plant our second garden plot this year since it has become a lot of work to do two. We completed 23 outdoor projects this month. All our projects were free except the vegetable garden which cost $50 to buy plants.

Our community opened up a food pantry this month which I think is a great thing for our small area. It will help many people that can't drive to the next town which is 30 minutes either direction. I plan to donate our extra produce from the garden to Community Blessings Ministries. At some point I'd like to volunteer in the panty or with the meals they serve on Wednesday evenings.

Our Completed Project List for June:
  • clean, put up a squirrel feeder, and fill with peanuts
  • clean bird feeder and fill with seed
  • clean bird bath and fill with water
  • clean cooler and drink coolers
  • clean up decorations and hooks on shed
  • chop and dispose of unneeded scrap wood
  • make minor repairs to roof on the house
  • set up and cleaned up from family bonfire
  • set up and cleaned up from Brandon’s B-day bonfire
  • set up and cleaned up from 2nd  family bonfire
  • purge unneeded items from the shed and barn (multiple days of work)
  • weed the gardens (multiple days of work)
  • Remove dry grass build up around foundation
  • trim blackberry bush and tie up
  • buy vegetable plants and plant vegetable garden
  • stake growing vegetable plants
  • deadhead flowers
  • remove broken water hose hanger
  • fill holes in gravel driveway with dirt
  • put out ant bait
  • sweep sidewalks and side porch
  • pickup sticks in the yard
  • pot up volunteer tomatoes for Nastasja

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