Friday, January 21, 2011

52 Weeks: #3 Shoeboxes

I have a collection of shoeboxes stored in my basement that I am clearing out.

I made 2 piles of the boxes empty and full.

The full ones have small manipulatives I made for my kids when they were younger for homeschooling but I have resisted throwing them away since I put so much time into making them. I am giving the boxes full of manipulatives to a homeschooling family and after they decide what they want they will pass the extra on to another family in hopes that somebody can use them. I loaded up the shoeboxes into my husband’s van so he could drop them off which he did the next day.

The empty boxes I saved for storage, craft projects, Operation Christmas Child or Military Care Packages but I have decided to donate them now to help clear out some of my clutter in the basement. I loaded the empty boxes into my van and donated them to the Clothes Closet.

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