Thursday, January 13, 2011


3 boxes powdered sugar (1 1/2 pounds)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 sticks margarine
¼ teaspoon each of 3 different extracts, such as mint, orange, or rum
Food coloring
3 to 4 packages imitation milk chocolate chips (see note)
1 inch paraffin wax

1. Mix powdered sugar with warmed-up milk (heat opened can in saucepan of boiling water) and margarine until smooth. Separate filling into 3 batches. Flavor and color each batch. Wrap in plastic wrap to prevent air from drying out filling when it’s not being worked. Shape each batch into a different shape (patties, logs, or balls), making them candy-size. Put them on cookie sheets and stick them in the freezer to set until chocolate coating is ready.

2. Melt chocolate and wax together in the top of the double broiler. Chocolate is the right consistency when it pours from the spoon. If too thick, add more wax. Dip the candy forms into the chocolate and set out on foil-lined cookie sheets to cool. Pack the up in gift boxes about the size of powdered sugar boxes and store in cool place. Makes enough for about 6 small gift boxes (about 200 candies).

Note: You can use real chocolate chips, but it’s harder to get the chocolate to set up right when making the candies. Be prepared to use more wax.

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