Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge January 18-24, 2010

I defrosted a Ham that I had in the freezer this week. I had to throw it away because the color was just not right and it smelled a little. I think I had it for at least 6 months. I am sad that it went to waste but glad that I am doing the pantry challenge it is helping me us up our food before it gets old or in this case toss bad food that is taking up unnecessary space.

Our freezers are looking bare now so I took the opportunity to clean them and defrost my small deep freezer. I cleaned my refrigerator’s freezer and then moved all the food from the deep freezer to it and unplugged the deep freezer to defrost. When the deep freezer was defrosted I cleaned up all the water and washed the freezer out. I put all my garden veggies and farmers’ market fruits back into the deep freezer. The meat, frozen veggies, popsicles, and cheese went back in the refrigerator freezer.

I only had 1 bag cheddar cheese, 2 boxes popsicles, 4 bags chicken leg quarters, 2 bags of chicken pieces & broth, 1 bag of ham broth, 2 bags of veggies, and 1 bag of sausage left in the freezer. At the grocery on Wednesday I had to buy meat since my freezer is so low. We used all of the Chicken Leg Quarters that I bought for Sunday night’s dinner except 3.

I bought:
2-10 lbs. rolls of Ground Chuck
1-10lbs.bag of Chicken Leg Quarters
1 pkg. Chicken Breast
These picture are after cleaning and adding the meat I bought this week.

These are the meals and goodies I made for my mom & dad this week.

This is what we ate this week.

We had bagels and oatmeal for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.

Monday: Chicken Barley Soup
Tuesday: Chicken Broccoli Lo Mein
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Potluck-Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, and Ziti Pasta Bake
Friday: Out to dinner
Saturday: Hamburgers, Veggie Tray, Summer Sausage, Cheese Dip & Crackers, and Chips
Sunday: Baked Chicken Leg Quarters, and Green Beans with Leftovers
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Eat From the Pantry Challenge hosted by Crystal and FishMama


  1. Great job on your pantry challenge. We have been eating our way thru our deep freezer and pantry too.


  2. Isn't it satisfying when you empty those freezers and pantries? It really helped us with our January bills!

  3. Enjoyed reading and viewing this!


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