Monday, January 29, 2018

Redoing Shawn Jr's Old Bedroom: Part 3

We finally got a few things finished up in our son's old bedroom. We spent about $25 to redo the bedroom. That doesn't include the ceiling fan that we bought 6 yrs. ago but hadn't installed until now. We have things left to do but are happy that the bedrooms back together. We're using it as a temporary guest bedroom but it's going to be my husband's hobby room.

We installed the $3 hooks behind the door. We put down the brown rug that our son didn't want.

We replaced the switch plates and outlet covers for $1.00.

We hung the $5 mirror on the wall that I had bought at a thrift store in the Summer. We hung the $15 curtains that I bought at Walmart a couple months ago.

We removed all the paint project supplies. My husband hung the $15 ceiling fan that we had bought about 6 yrs. ago.

My husband's stuff moved from the basement to the closet. We installed a hook inside the closet door.

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