Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Redoing Shawn Jr's Old Bedroom

It’s been 3 weeks since our 24 yrs. son and his fiancé moved out. I did quite a bit of work on his empty bedroom already. I wanted to share pictures before I started to painting. The pictures are a bit dark since I took down the blinds and curtains. I won't be redoing the floors but will as a future project. I dusted the walls/ceiling, washed the walls/ceiling/woodwork, scraped paint spills off the baseboards, and took out a ton of staples in window frame, along with scrapping duck tape and glue off the window frame. I puttied and sanded the holes in the walls and wood puttied and sanded the window frame. I scrapped old paint off the closet and door hinges, took down the hardware for the curtains, and took off the electric outlet/switch plates. I sweep the floor, washed the baseboards, and woodwork again. Our home is over 100 yrs. old with horse hair plaster. I'm going for progress not perfection.

I’m really proud of this project because it’s the first time I’ve done all the work myself. My husband usually helps but he’s busy with the camper. I’m doing the room as a gift for him as in no work for him to do and he’s going to use the room as his hobby room. The walls will be a white chocolate color which is the white we’ve been using through the house and Adirondack green color that had been used in our youngest son’s room. I plan to lighten up the green because it’s really dark.

 The view to the left of the door. Our son did really well about not putting tons of holes in the walls. It's an old house so cracks happened.


The view from the closet toward the door.

The view from the door to the window and closet. All our second floor windows go down to the floor. In the family room and exercise room on the first floor the window frames are 1 1/2 feet from the floor. It's cool but a bit scary 15 yrs. ago when we first moved in and the kids were young.

 A close of view of some of the holes I had to fill with wood putty. The people who owned the house before us put tons of holes and staples all over the window framing. We've been here 15 yrs. and are just now fixing it. Procrastination. :)

The floor which I'm not fixing at this time. The pictures aren't great (too dark).

 The view toward the closet.

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