Monday, January 29, 2018

KonMari: Books

My poetry books stored in the china cabinet in my guest bedroom/ 26 yrs. daughter's bedroom.

 My books stored in the china cabinet in my master bedroom.

My crafting books, coloring books, notebook collection, and bible study supplies.

My Notebook Collection

Life Notebooks (homemaking, family, health, and inspiration)

Cooking Notebooks (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert)

Hobby Notebooks (interests, fabric crafts, decorating, and gardening)

Seasonal Notebooks (winter, Christmas, spring, summer, and autumn)

Faith Notebooks (Bible Study, Old Testament, New Testament, and Genesis)

I keep a basket on my desk for the current book that I'm reading and magazines. I have a magnifying glass, book light and my glasses in it too. I read all the magazines that I had collected before I donated them.

My Cooking Notebooks. I have about 15 recipes left to type for my notebooks. I don't own any cookbooks.

My exercise books in my exercise room.

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