Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Spring Plans Update

I had made a list 6 weeks ago of the things I wanted to do before Memorial Day. I got some done and some not. The camper renovations have really taken up all my time. I ended up doing everything on the list that was seasonal or helped us to get the camper done or prepared us for our trip. The things left will have to wait until end of July or August to start. I hope I’ll have time to get the painting projects done before beginning of November. The photo boxes can wai...t until fall to start working on again if needed. I’m happy with everything I got finished and am looking forward to having the remainder done. 


1. I’ve clean up the shed, barn, and basement a couples times as we’ve worked on the camper.

2. I cleaned up my yard, set up the outdoor furniture in the back yard, planted elephant ears and marigolds in 2 big pots, and planted my vegetable garden. I cleaned my front porch, the décor, and wiped down the cushions. I bought bird themed décor for $3 at the thrift store and hung it on our shed.

3. I’ve helped with the camper my husband and I are renovating. Wow, I’ve done way more than I thought I’d do. It’s taken up all my time and my husband’s.

4. I planned and am preparing for our celebration June 4th and trip June 19th. We’re having our vow renewal at the Whetstone Park of Roses and our dinner at Mozart’s Piano Café. I filled up our Trip Notebook with all our plans for the 3 weeks along with our printed tickets. We’ve prepaid for most of our activities and 3 meals for the trip with on-line reservations.

5. Bonus: We ate though our pantry and freezer to save money and from lack of time. We were able to eat older things and dispose of a few things. I plan to finish up a few things before the trip and restock.

Didn’t do:

1. I didn’t paint our son Shawn’s empty room but I did get the primer on the walls.

2. I didn’t paint the family room. I did wash the walls and floors.

3. I didn’t paint my grandkids toy boxes. I didn’t think this would happen. I’ve put it off for 3 yrs. but wanted to add it to the list since it needs done seasonally outdoors.

4. I didn’t do anything during the 6 weeks on our photo box project. They are in good shape after working on them for the past year. I need to continue to work toward finishing.

5. I didn’t workout regularly in my exercise studio, take walks nightly, or lose weight. I do feel like I got a workout while working on the camper, and am sore most nights.

The shed is looking better. It'll look so nice once all the camper renovation supplies are used or discarded.


My front porch.

The vegetable garden is growing but needs weeded.

The décor I bought for the outside of the shed.

This is me last night painting the shelf. I look a mess.

Our Trip Notebook is filled up.

Our son's room with primer but no paint.

 My grandkids toy boxes. I need to do this or discard.

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